Water Piping Repair & Installation

Water Pipe Repair

Broken water pipes can be difficult to detect, unless you notice water on the floor or wet patches on your wall you can have a water leak go undetected for years.  You need to pay attention to other signs that you have a crack or leak in your pipes.  If you can still hear running water even though the taps are off, if your water bill keeps getting higher or you feel a warm patch in the floor then it is time to call in a plumber and find the leak. 

Undetected broken pipes can be a big problem with older homes in the Vancouver area.  Construction or repairs could have been done with poor quality materials before you ever owned the home.  Broken pipes can cause far more damage than just a high water bill.  Water damage that goes unnoticed can quickly turn into mold which is dangerous.  Water can also rot out the wood used in the construction of your home and that will be expensive to repair.

Repair or Replace

Our technicians will make every effort to repair your plumbing when it is feasible.  However outdated pipes with too many cracks or leaks will have to be replaced.  Once our plumbing technicians have done a thorough examination of the pipes they will present to you the best possible solution for getting your plumbing working again.

Water Piping Repair & Installation

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Replacing the Piping

If you have bought an older home that you are looking to rehab you may need the entire plumbing system replaced. That is not uncommon in older or rundown properties. Shore Plumbing has extensive experience replacing complete residential plumbing systems. We make sure that any piping we install is not only done right, but it is done with the latest plumbing technologies and our work is always up to municipal code.  We show up on time and get the work done quickly so that our clients can get back to enjoying their homes. 

Water Piping Repair & Installation

Advantages of Water Pipe Repair

If you notice anything changing about the water coming into your home or your water pressure then it is time to contact Shore Plumbing.  We can quickly figure out the problem and give you the best solution.  Gone are the days when we had to dig up the yard or rip down your drywall in order to fix your plumbing.  We have cameras that let us quickly figure out where broken pipes are.  We can insert a new pipe right into the old one and seal it in place allowing us to fix broken pipes, cheaper, faster and with far less mess.  We standby all of the work that we do and we can have that broken pipe fixed in no time!

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