Clogged Drains & Pipes

Dealing with Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can start out as a small problem where your shower or sink is slow to drain but they can quickly turn into big and messy problems if not dealt with immediately.  When your waste water has nowhere to go it is going to start overflowing into your home and that you do not want. 

You will not only be left with a mess but it can contaminate your home and become a pretty serious health hazard to you and your family.  Water damage, particularly sewer water can cause thousands of dollars in damage and leave your home unlivable until it is cleaned up.  Shore Plumbing can help you avoid this from happening.

Shore Plumbing has years of experience dealing with clogged drains just like yours.  We employ the latest technology in infrared and cameras so that we can find the clog without tearing your home apart. 

Clogged Drains & Pipes

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When to Call in the Pros

Minor clogs you can deal with on your own, using either over the counter drain cleaner or baking soda and hot water.  First you should try adding baking soda to the drains and add at least two pots full of hot water.  Once the drain is unclogged then you need to keep the cold water running to flush out the leaks.  If you use a commercial drain cleaner then follow the instructions on the bottle to clear out your drain.  You can also give the plunger a try but if none of these options work for you then it is time to call Shore Plumbing.

Clogged Drains & Pipes

Shore Plumbing Can Help

Clogs will happen from time to time in every home, but when they can’t be removed with drain cleaner or they keep happening it is time to call a plumber.  Shore Plumbing has the tools and equipment on hand to deal with the clog.  We have video cameras that can inspect your pipes and hydro jetting equipment to remove the clog.  Hydro jetting allows us to flush out the clog without digging up your yard or tearing apart walls to get to your pipes.  We are plumbing experts and we can get the drains flowing again. 

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