Gas Fitting

Who Choose Us?

Are you building a new home or redoing your existing kitchen?  If you are considering adding gas appliances then you are going to need a plumber to handle the gas fitting.  Putting in a new piping for your appliances is a dangerous job and you should never ever consider doing it yourself.  Natural gas is dangerous and should only be handled by experts.  It is toxic to inhale and highly flammable the last thing you need is to make a fatal mistake.

We are qualified plumbers that can make sure that all of your gas appliances are properly installed.  Our technicians have the experience that you need to make sure that you’re new gas stove works so that you will want to cook us dinner.

At Shore Plumbing our first concern is always the safety of our customers and their families.  We not only make sure that our work meets the municipal code for construction but that we meet every safety measure when working with gas.

gas fitting

Got a question? Call us at 604-564-4242

Got a question? Call us at 604-564-4242

Professional Gas Pipe Installation and Repair

If you already have gas coming into your house our team will assess your system to see if it can handle the extra demand.  If you live in an older home it may need an upgrade in order to handle additional appliances.  We can handle the job of upgrading your system so that is able to meet your additional demands.  If you are remodeling or building a new home then our team will add the new piping system and make sure it can handle everything you want to install be that a new kitchen, outdoor grill, hot water heater or a new fireplace. 

gas fitting

The Shore Plumbing Advantage

Our team at Shore Plumbing have worked with residential homeowners in the Greater Vancouver area for a number of years.  Our team prides itself on getting the job done safely, on time and more importantly for our customers, on budget.  We know how important it is to have your appliances and hot water tanks working during the cold Canadian winters.  We also take the safety of your family along with our staff very seriously, we are current on all of the recommended safety requirements for gas service in your home.  We bring with us to every job our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence.  Call Shore Plumbing the next time you need gas pipe repair or installation. 

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